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Just a little catch-up…

I intended this blog to be a live chronicle of current projects, but it can never seem to catch up to where I am in the present moment!  To that end, here’s a quick snap of some of the most recent things I’ve made.



Here we have a mug and bowl with lid I threw and fired, but haven’t yet glazed.  The mug is actually the first thing I’ve ever thrown!  I’m sort of surprised it didn’t just come out a big lump.  On the right is one of the beer, a maple red ale.  There’s also a milk stout, sassafras stout, IPA, and apple wine kicking around (not pictured).  The big colorful bottles are filled with strawberry mead (left two) and spiced mead (right).  The little guy in the middle is a bishop I turned out of walnut for a friend’s incomplete chess set (still gotta get that to him).  The sparkly thing is a pure silver ring with inset sapphire, and they’re all standing on a marble end table inset with curly maple that I built for a certain someone’s christmas present.

I was about to say that that’s everything in the picture that I made, but there’s actually a mini christmas ornament terrarium photobombing in the back!  Sneaky lil rascal.

I haven’t given up hope that I’ll catch up to the present moment with this blog, and neither should you, dear hypothetical reader.  There’s more jewelry, more pots, more mead (blueberry?!) and a scratch-built boat still to arrive in these pages!

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