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Mariano (Marimba-Piano)

Music!  Music is wonderful!  Pretty sounds are pretty!  There are some sounds I could spend hours listening to.  And if there’s a way I can make them?  Unending fun.  Plus, briefly at the end of my undegrad stint, I had access to some very cool fabrication toys.  Time to make instruments.

This project was, like so many of mine, overwrought and ambitious.  However, unlike several, it actually turned out pretty ok!  It was a series of tubes–galvanized electrical conduit from home depot–tuned to the western scale we’re so familiar with (12 even-tempered tones per octave and all that) mounted horizontally over a series of key-levers that would strike them.  The keyboard was laid out like a piano, so a few people who tried it out knew right off what to do.

But how does it sound??  This thing was made for the 7th chord.

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