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Guitar Case

It was around this time that I picked up guitar.  You could say I made music, but to be honest, all I made for a good while was buzzy, plunky noises.  While that cacophony was happening, I decided to make something to house the guitar, as I am as ardent a fan of not smashing things as I am of playing guitar.  I reasoned that I could make a lighter case by tapering the box toward the headstock, which is narrower than the body of a guitar.  Why not chop off the corners too, to save a bit more material?  Unfortunately, this produces a coffin.  A small coffin.  It was macabre, so I tried to lighten it up a bit with a painting of some Bongos.  Not the kind you hit.  Well, you could, but they will probably gore you.

I discovered that painting is incredibly fun, and not so hard if you’re ok with strangely colored Bongos.

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