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Glass Speakers

It is fun to make things from materials that they are not typically made from.  The titanium hackeysacks I alluded to in a previous post are a good example, as are speakers made of glass.  Typically speakers are made from materials that absorb sound, don’t shatter easily, are strong, and do not spontaneously crumble in heart wrenchingly allegorical ways.  Bah!  BAH!  I will make speakers out of glass!  I will make the support arms taper to tiny points!  I will base the structural integrity of the whole thing on a single blob of solder in the center!  Engineers think they know so much.  The speaker surfaces themselves were hand-wound magnet wire coils around neodymium magnets, connected to foam core circles suspended by the glass triangles.

These no longer exist–I found them mysteriously shattered, of their own accord and perhaps from sympathy, the day the girl I made them for gave me some very bad news.

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